Lochlan O'neil

A versatile maven of creativity. 

Lochlan O’Neil is a versatile maven of creativity whether on screen or in person. Through a myriad of mediums – from cosplay, design and illustration, to modeling and voice over acting – her delightful zest for life and imagination connects with audiences across the globe.

Currently curating costume designs, in residency at a world renowned theme park, Lochlan is unsurprisingly emerging as an entertaining voice within yet another colorful audience. On TikTok (@lochnessofficial), where she has rapidly amassed over 60K followers, Lochlan shares clever infotainment on her experience as an exotic pet owner. Many of her videos have been viewed a quarter of a million times.

Lochlan’s innate quirkiness and authentic communication style endear her to longtime followers and new viewers alike. And her carefree ability to be silly is complemented by the inclusion of Moonshine, her pet racoon, and her cats Bela and Opal, in her videos. Share in the experience as this multitalented superhero of fantasy and fun embarks on her latest media adventure. 

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