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About Lochlan

Lochlan O’Neil is a creative superhero across a multitude of mediums. Her dynamic body of work reveals limitless imaginative and intellectual range.

Lochlan O’Neil got her humble beginnings in the pop culture community in 2012 when she attended her first convention in a simple and quickly-conceived version of Pinkie Pie from the series that would eventually put her on the map as a cosplayer – My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Lochlan fell head-over-heals in love with cosplay. It was not just due to being captivated by the delightful and imaginative costumes she saw, but also because of the camaraderie, kindness and love she was shown by other attendees.

This blossoming love of cosplay allowed Lochlan to travel to wondrous places –  far beyond those that traditional public speaking engagements could take her. She has appeared as a guest at pop culture conventions far and wide. Lochlan has won numerous cosplay awards, including several Best-In-Shows. (However, the majority of her Best-In-Shows can still be claimed by her animals, especially the rabbits she used to raise). She has also facilitated countless panels and workshops at conventions. Some of Lochlan’s favorite panels to host include “Cosplay to Career” and “Costume Design 101”. Attendees of Lochlan’s panels admire her wealth of knowledge on cosplay and costume design, as well as her relatable wit and charm while speaking.

Time and time again, Lochlan has proven to be a talented fashion model and actress who has the magic to command a stage and captivate an audience. In addition to designing costumes for haunted houses and theme parks across the nation, Lochlan also performed at them as a stunt actress. As a voice actress, Lochlan has demonstrated she can dominate not only on-stage, but in the recording booth as well. However, her talents do not just stop at looking gorgeous for photos, designing captivating costumes, and providing a variety of character voices. Lochlan is also a trained stunt actress, a talent that she attributes to years of weapons handling, fight training, and circus coaching.

In the realms of acting, modeling, and costume design, Lochlan O’Neil is a triple-threat and an artistic superstar. Whether you’re looking for a riveting emcee, a warm and knowledgeable panelist, a cosplay judge with a discerning eye for style and detail, or a real-life superhero, Lochlan is sure to be the life of any event. Even when she is playing dead.

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