An original costume design of the “Sea Lion Pokemon”

With the clown themed sea lion pokemon, I pulled inspiration from various historical clown costumes, as well as clown costumes one might see in the circus today. I worked incredibly hard to make this costume come across as “cute” in every way, as many people tend to be afraid of clowns!

This entire costume is hand made by me, with the romper being an original pattern!

To see Popplio’s evolution to Brionne, click here!

To view Popplio’s final form, Primarina, click here!

Character – Popplio

Media – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Photographer – NLightened Designs

Model – Lochlan O’Neil

Hair & Makeup – Lochlan O’Neil

Date Completed – February 2018

Popplio Cosplay
Popplio Cosplay
Popplio Cosplay
popplio cosplay