About This Costume

I first made a Query cosplay back in 2016 when I went to go visit my friend in Canada for Calgary Expo. Two years later I decided it was time to remake the costume. My sewing skills have since grown exponentially, along with the fact that I now have a serger which makes sewing stretchy fabrics easier.

Why I Chose This Costume:

Ever since I was little I have loved the Riddler. Because of this, I had taken it upon myself to read every comic involving him and to learn everything about him. My love of the Riddler and his story arcs then led me to discover his henchgirls, Query and Echo. I instantly fell in love with Query and she quickly became my favorite character. I even ended up getting a green question mark tattoo to show my love for her and the Riddler. Since the blonde biker babe is my favorite character of all time, it is only fitting that I made a Query cosplay.

How I Made This Costume:

The bodysuit of the cosplay is handmade by me, with all the accessories being bought from Amazon

Bodysuit – I used the Yaya Han bodysuit pattern and altered it so it would fit Query’s suit. The green and black spandex is Yaya Han’s fabric from Joanne’s. I used tear away interfacing to stitch the question mark on the suit and keep it stable.

Wig – Blonde lacefront from amazon cut and styled by me.

Hat, Mask, Cane, Shoes – All from Amazon

I hope you love my Query cosplay as much as I do!

Query Cosplay

Character – Query

Media – DC Comics

Photographer – NLightened Designs

Model – Lochlan O’Neil

Hair & Makeup – Lochlan O’Neil

Date Completed June 2018

Worn at – Denver Comic Con 2018

Total Hours – 15

Query Cosplay