About This Costume

As a cosplayer, I don’t do many closet cosplays any more, but the yellow pinup dress I had was too cute to not build a cosplay around! I thought of “yellow” characters and Fluttershy instantly came to me. Since I already had the wig, it was a no-brainer. Even though this cosplay is simple, it is super cute! And Nlightened Designs did a great job of shooting my Fluttershy Cosplay. I love doing pinup shoots, so it was super fun as well! I hope all you bronies out there enjoy my Fluttershy cosplay!

Character – Fluttershy

Media – My Little Pony

Photographer – NLightened Designs

Model – Lochlan O’Neil

Hair & Makeup – Lochlan O’Neil

Date Completed March 2017

Worn at – BABSCon 2017, Nightmare Nights 2017

Total Hours – 10