About This Costume

As a follow up evolution to my Popplio cosplay, I had originally started planning this Brionne cosplay way back in November of 2016. After being sick for some time, I finally got it finished and shot in September of 2018. Since Brionne is the “Popstar Pokemon” I decided to take inspiration from Idol animes like Pretty Cure and Love Live with my original cosplay design. I used an altered Simplicity pattern for the top, and then drafted my own pattern for the skirt and bows, with real shells on the bows. I also intended for the bow in the center of the top with the pink shell to represent her nose! The wig was a straight white ponytail wig that I got off of amazon, and dip dyed to match Brionnes pigtails (or are they ears?) I added foam balls into the wig to give it more shape, as well.

I am really pleased with how my Brionne cosplay turned out, and can’t wait until I am finished with Primarina!

Brionne Cosplay Lochlan O'Neil
Brionne Cosplay

Character – Brionne

Media – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Photographer – Chiseled Light Photography

Model – Lochlan O’Neil

Hair & Makeup – Lochlan O’Neil

Date Completed September 2018

Worn at – N/A

Total Hours – 30

Brionne Cosplay Lochlan O'Neil
Brionne Cosplay