Alice in Wonderland Cosplay
About This Costume

Why I Chose This Costume:

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. Heck, I even have some funky mushrooms tattooed on my back as a small reminder of how much I adore the story! Because of this I found it only fitting that I do an Alice in Wonderland cosplay.

How I Made This Costume:

This cosplay was made at a time when I wasn’t as sewing savvy as I am today! Because of that, and the fact that I was pretty sick when I wanted to cosplay Alice, I ended up buying the dress. If I had the chance to make the costume again, I would probably end up making the dress from scratch.

Dress – Purchased from Amazon. I ended up having to hem it and take it in quite a bit when I got it as it was MUCH larger than the sizing chart said it would be.  I had to take it in another time when I wore it again in June of 2017.

Apron – Made from a combination of a simplicity pattern and a pattern I drafted myself on white cotton. At the time these pictures were taken it was much too big, I later rectified that when I took in the dress for the second time.

Bow – Patterned and made by me from black broadcloth.

Wig – Arda’s Venus in Light Blonde

I hope you enjoy my Alice in Wonderland Cosplay!

Character – Alice

Media – Disney’s Alice in Wonderland

Photographer – Savich Photography

Model – Lochlan O’Neil

Hair & Makeup – Lochlan O’Neil

Date Completed January 2016

Worn at – Colorado Anime Fest 2016, Denver Comic Con 2017

Total Hours – 10

Alice in Wonderland cosplay by Lochlan O'Neil